PKH-50 Range Hygienic Air Handling Units

Perfect Hygienic Air Treatment
Unlimited Modular, Flexible and Energy Efficient Hygienic Air Handling Units
23 different Frames Up to 100.000 m³/h Airflow
Complying with DIN 1946/4 Hygiene Criteria Tested in TUV Labs

Hygienic Modularity and Compactness
Optimal Energy Efficiency, Air Quality and Comfort
Wide and Versatile Range
Integrated Electronic / Thermal Regulation
Energy Saving Customized Solutions for All Hygienic Environments
PKH-50 Range Hygienic Air Handling Units
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Production Quality : Casing Strength, Casing Air Leakage, Filter By-Pass Leakage, Thermal Transmittance, Thermal Bridging And Acoustical Insulation In Accordance With EN 1886
Structure & Panel : Self Supporting Frame And Double Sheet Sandwich Panels
Profile : Aluminum Alloy (AlMgSi0.5) / Steel Frame Profile, Dyed with Oven-Drying Powder Paint
Sheet Material : Stainless Steel / Aluminum / PVC Coated Sheet Metal
Panel Thickness : 50mm (PKH-50)
Air Tightness : EPDM Leak Proof Gaskets To Provide Full Air Tightness On The Panels
Heat And Sound Insulation : Polyurethane / Rock Wool / Glass Wool
Heating / Cooling Coil : DX Coils / Copper Pipe Aluminum Fin / Copper Pipe Copper Fin
Fan : Backward / Aerofoil / Plug Fan / EC Motor Fan
Humidification : Sterile Steam
Heat Recovery : Plate / Thermal Wheel / Heat Pipe / Run Around Heat Recovery
Power And Regulation : On Board Power And Electric Regulation Board
Monitoring / Management : BMS Management Compatibility

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